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Your vote against S722 (Iran and Russia sanctions)

Good morning, Senator Sanders,

Could you please explain your vote to me? It is really puzzling so far, and I apologize if you have done some explanations over TV (I just do not have TV) -- please direct me to some clips or video with that explanation. My internet search did not show anything relevant at this moment.
Let me describe my background a little bit, just to clarify why that topic is important to me:
  • I was a very enthusiastic supporter of your candidacy in 2015 - 2016 (money donations; the Sanders grassroots organizations across eight states were using our communication product named "sameroom.io" for free). I have voted for Secretary Clinton in general elections;
  • I am an immigrant from Russia. In 1994, my family was very lucky to arrive at San Francisco International. I am an American citizen from 2000 (and I have voted for VP Gore that year); 
  • I see the current Russia as a huge danger to our liberties in USA, liberal democracy everywhere, and to the whole world; 
  • I see the current US Administration (and GOP) as even bigger danger for humanity and USA.
It was very strange to see your name next to Rand Paul's name with the "No" vote. Really strange indeed.

Сообщение получено:

Буду ждать ответа.

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